Special Interest Tour

Scandinavia has a vast range of tours to suit your particular theme, area of interest and budget. Today many of the tours are based on lifestyle interest which can be cultural such as art, history, architecture, on a more personal level there is gardening, photography and with the modern Scandinavian cuisine compared to the traditional even gastronomic tours are becoming more popular. We can offer a wide range of programs. Some examples:

Architectural tours

Our architectural tours include not only some of the new cutting edge modern building styles, but great historical buildings and monuments. Observe how modern city planning has created new life in urban areas.

Art, Culture and Museum tours

Our art, culture and museum tours take you to the most famous places and museums in Scandinavia to explore the art from the classics to ultra modern and culture in its various forms.

Castle & History

Our castle tour in Denmark and Sweden are full of the history. These themed tours focus on a fascinating range of historical events and the political past.

Shopping tours

Our dedicated shopping tours take you to all the famous luxury and Scandinavian brand shops. Tourists visiting from Asia and countries outside of Europe can reclaim almost 20% .Make sure you pick up the rebate form from the shop for your VAT tax-free refund! VAT can be refunded at the airport upon presenting a completed VAT refund form!

Romance & Wellness

Our Spa and Wellness Tours can offer you the pampering that gives you the tranquility and harmony you need in your daily life. We all lead a busy and stressful life and often feel a desire to soothe away all stresses of our lives and never revitalize ourselves. Our spa and wellness tours are set up to avoid the every day stresses..

Walking tours

Our walking tours are set up where either driving is not possible; or in the old towns in the city centers where you can best enjoy the sights on foot. An indication of the walking involved on each of the tours, with details about distances covered and terrain is included in each tour description. We also have clients expressing interest in having their walking tour include a park or other areas of natural beauty

Contact us for additional information for our theme tours or any other interest your client might have. Please do note that both accommodation and transport is calculated into the packaged theme tour.